Our Services


Mobile App Development

Mobile App development has evolved and is constantly changing. We are developing apps since iPhone 3S was launched.
Certain basics are the key to app success - Engaging and retaining the user, Feedback for any user action & Response time. UI/UX plays critical role to achieve this.
How and when to fetch the required data, when and how much to store, what to burn locally defines the app performance ...


Web Front End

Though mobile has leaped forward with great speed, desktop interface is still needed. A web presence for any organisation with compatibility/adaptability to mobile size is a prerequisite.
We have delivered several projects in HTML5 & AngularJS. Few of them are for Fortune 100 companies.
User experience across the different platform is key.


Mobile E2E

How to increase productivity of an individual which in turn will increase profitability of the organisation and benefit all is goal of any business house / entrepreneur.
Mobile apps play a major role to achieve this goal. We have build apps for staff on field to update the activities, tasks, status etc in near real time for service industries.



When it comes to building social apps, where keeping tab on cost becomes very critical as the revenue model is very different, slow and completely depends on how fast the model can scale.
Choosing right server side platform becomes very important. But just choosing does not guarantee low cost, unless it is designed correctly to keep the requests to minimal I/O.